Best Restaurants Dublin – The Cookbook Cafe

The Cookbook Cafe, Glasthule Dublin

The Cookbook Cafe takes its name from the Cookbooks that line its walls and great chefs that compiled them: Names such as Bobby Flay, Alice Waters, Skye Gingell and Ottolenghi. But if these books have provided much inspiration, it is the kitchen that provides its beating heart. For it is here that these pages come to life, it is here that the magic happens, here that the experience shows and the love is added.

It is in this hive of activity and creativity, that falafels and their twelve ingredients are prepared – they take twenty four hours from start to finish –  the House secret sauce for the Cookbook Burger gets its nine different ingredients, the hummus is made from scratch, aubergines baked for 12 hours, and beetroot, yogurt, chili, garlic, date syrup and olive oil are combined to make our beet puree. Flatbreads are made daily. Only artisan bread -from the Firehouse bakery- is bought in.

Audrey’s initial inspiration came from her parents, Mo and Tom, who simply loved food. It became her passion too. She left banking to study at the Cordon Bleu College in London, and studied nutrition there before working with an American / Iraqi family whose own excellent tastes have left a Texan / Persian influence on her food to this day.

Back in Ireland she found her niche amongst the burgeoning music and film communities.. All the members of U2 became private clients, as did The Rolling Stones during the Voodoo Lounge. She became Angelica Huston’s exclusive chef during The Mammy. The client list soon ran to include such names as Neil Young, Michael Hutchence, Bob Geldof, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, The Corrs, Jon Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, Gordon Ramsey, Boyzone etc and many highbrow political figures, cooking for major events including Adam Clayton’s wedding and the supermodels private wrap party.



McKenna’s Guide Best in Ireland award 2016 !

Audrey’s experience was like many of us in Ireland, you leave for whatever reason but return laden with new tastes, favourite dishes, favourite chefs and in many cases cookbooks. So for her first restaurant she wanted to capture this and create a restaurant that reflects our growing interest in great food but is at heart a local restaurant that serves the kind of food you want to tell your friends about.

The Cookbook was delighted in it’s first year to receive a McKenna’s Guide Best in Ireland award 2016. This is the most respected badge of merit in Irish contemporary food. There could not be “A friendlier room in county Dublin,” they said, adding that Audrey’s endeavours show “the work of a Cook, with an inquiring mind and a generous heart, a cook whose willingness to share her influences reveal her originality.”

tHE legendary Vinyl Brunch, Sundays from 11 to 4

The music too is lovingly chosen. It is selected by Tom, Audrey’s husband – a songwriter and music broadcaster – who believes music to be the food of love. For those of you not quite as interested in cookbooks he has provided a huge array of music books which, like the cookbooks, are yours to peruse at will. So spend time with John Peel, Dylan or Horslips, savour the aroma of the  flatbreads baking and consider joining us for the now legendary Vinyl Brunch, Sundays from 11 to 4.


Warm wishes from our clients !

“Audrey has made magical food for our family over the years and she actually brings magic wherever she goes.. We are so lucky her new restaurant ‘The Cookbook Cafe’ is close by. What a treat !” – Ali Hewson

“I have the most happy memories of your wonderful  meals and lovely presence in my little kitchen while working in Dublin! How wonderful that you are opening a restaurant!!! I wish I could be there to toast your debut, but I’m raising a glass in spirit!  All the best and best of luck to you on this great endeavor!
Yours, Anjelica H, Xxx” –
Anjelica Huston